2021 CGAR Conference keynote speakers and presenters

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Prof Mary Coloe
Yarra Theological Union
Prof Coloe is a Presentation Sister, teaching at YTU since 2014 primarily in New Testament. Her research areas include Gospel of John, New Testament and First Century Judaism.
Keynote Speaker
Assoc Prof Michele Connolly
Lecturer in Biblical Studies
Catholic Institute of Sydney
Assoc Prof Connolly is the Biblical Studies Discipline Coordinator and Lecturer in New Testament at CIS. Her research interests are feminist and narrative biblical studies.
Assoc Prof Doru Costache
Senior Lecturer in Theology (Patristic Studies)
St Cyril’s Coptic Orthodox Theological College
Assoc Prof Costache has over 20 years of tertiary teaching experience. His research interests are Early Christian representations of reality; traditional interpretations of Genesis 1-3; experiences of holiness; wellbeing; science, ethics, and theology; transdisciplinarity.
Keynote Speaker
Prof Craig A. Evans
John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins
Houston Baptist University
Prof Evans is well-known for his contribution to work on the Gospels, the Historical Jesus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and archaeology of the New Testament. He also serves as the Director of the Christian Thinkers Society Fellows Program and Strategic Studies.
Dr Louise Gosbell
Dean of Students
Mary Andrews College
Dr Gosbell is the Dean of Students and has been lecturing at the Mary Andrews College in Australia since 2014 in New Testament and Disability Studies. Her research interests are biblical studies, disability studies, inclusive education, and inclusion.
Steven Groom
Avondale University College
Mr Groom is in the final year of his PhD in Biblical Studies. His areas of interest are biblical studies and biblical languages.
Prof James Harrison
Research Director
Sydney College of Divinity
Prof Harrison is the Graduate Research School Director at SCD. His research interests are Archaeology, epigraphy, papyri, numismatics, and iconography; Julio-Claudian society; Second Temple Judaism; The apostle Paul; The eastern Mediterranean cities and their villages; The epistle to the Romans; The Graeco-Roman world; The Gospel of Luke; The historical Jesus; The Western intellectual tradition and the legacy of early Christianity.
Dr Ruth Mathieson
Lecturer in Biblical Studies
St Barnabas Theological College
Dr Mathieson teaches in the area of New Testament and is passionate about the study of the gospels and interested in interpretation methods that consider their social, historical, literary, rhetorical, and canonical setting.
Keynote Speaker
Dr Debra Snoddy
Lecturer in Biblical Studies
Catholic Institute of Sydney
Dr Snoddy teaches both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures at CIS, Sydney. Her areas of interest include Adult Pedagogy, Biblical Christology, Biblical [Pauline] Anthropology, Hermeneutics and Exegesis, and Johannine studies.
Dr Andrew Stewart
Adjunct Lecturer in New Testament
Reformed Theological College
Dr Stewart is the Adjunct Lecturer in New Testament at RTC, Australia. His research interests include the writings of Luke, the appropriation of the OT Scriptures in the NT and New Testament biblical theology of guilt and conversion.