Avondale University

BA, MA, PhD Candidate

Steven worked in the building trade for about two decades before being called to ministry. He completed a BA in theology at Avondale College 2002 – 2005. Steven then worked in pastoral ministry for three years in Australia, and then spent three years in pastoral ministry in Thailand, where he had worked previously as an English teacher.

After finishing ministry in Thailand Steven completed a MA in Biblical Studies, majoring in Biblical languages [Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic] at Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines 2012-2014. After returning to Australia he began his doctoral studies at Avondale University College 2016- present. Steven is in the final year and is currently awaiting external examination of his doctoral dissertation entitled, The Use of Verbal Aspect for Interpreting the Present Tense of Erchomai in Matthew 24:42-44. His areas of interest are biblical studies and biblical languages.