Office of the Dean, Sydney College of Divinity

Beyond learning to knowledge creation: Embedding Innovation in Organisational Practice

Presentation Abstract

In a world full of rapid change, organisations need to adapt to maintain their competitive edge. This can only be done through effective learning. The real capital of an healthy organisation is knowledge that can be created, transferred, stored and applied. In this way the goal of learning is not knowledge, but action. 

This paper examines how organisational knowledge is created as the fruit of individual learning. This process of inspiring discovery as a fluid mix of framed experiences, whether in the classroom or on the job, is explored in an attempt to capture the means by which organisations convert tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge.

Organisational knowledge is seen to be more than ideas, but rather ideals that permeate approaches to collaboration and decision making. Trust is an essential component of connecting human interaction to harvest innovation and embed learning into the corporate psyche. Shared stories, metaphors, heroes and models are ways to apply the fullness of an organisation’s knowledge to decision making. None of this happens automatically.

Ultimately, the modern challenge is transforming individual learning into organisational knowledge that can be made available at the right time, and place to improve practice and policy, to create competitive advantage.


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