Bible College of South Australia

The Story Clock: A Visual Tool for Biblical Exegesis

Presentation Abstract

The Story Clock, the creative genius of filmmaker Seth Worley, is a visual tool to map out and track the major plot and character development in narrative. When applied to (predominately narrative) biblical texts as an exegetical tool, it can be used to identify significant patterns, themes, major structural movements, and other intentional rhetorical devices of the author. It can be used for larger canonical application down to the level of a single psalm. This paper will demonstrate how the tool has been useful for the books of Genesis and Numbers in depicting structural movements, parallels and motifs, the major concern of the text, and significant digressions. We will then do a worked example of the Book of Joel as a model for how this tool can be used in your classroom (or lecture prep). Experience a tool that is accessible for entry level students and robust enough for technical use.


Teaching & Learning (D.3)