NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community, Sydney College of Divinity

Indigenous Ways of Thinking, and the Associate Gifts for Community

Presentation Abstract

Australian Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and global Indigenous communities have a richness in cultures and traditions that have histories of being isolated, unwelcome, and misunderstood in churches and institutions across the world. Thinking for Ourselves within the context of Indigenous theological education is a vastly different concept from our non-Indigenous brothers and sisters. Non-Indigenous educators often struggle with how to include Indigenous ontologies, epistemologies, and axiologies within community engagement strategies, curriculum development and delivery, and research strategies. There is often a hesitancy, or at worst, a resistance to the inclusion of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and world Indigenous perspectives. How can we work together to allow wider community to include Indigenous ways of being, knowing and doing, difference in every domain, and to every aspect, of theological education? How can we move past reductive arguments that centre misinformation and fear? How can we work to transform our communities together?


Student Participation & Attainment (D.1)

Teaching & Learning (D.3)

Research & Research Training (D.4)