St Cyril’s Coptic Orthodox Theological College, Sydney College of Divinity

Natural Theology, Quantum Mechanics and Theological Pedagogy

Presentation Abstract

Within the Christian tradition, nature has consistently played an important role as both source and paradigm for theological reflection. Natural theology is found not only in the Holy Scriptures, but also within the theological witness of the post-apostolic Church. Yet, despite the historical significance of natural theology, contemporary Eastern Christianity has tended to underplay its significance, often confuting it with Western scholasticism. However, in the last few decades, a renewed interest in the natural theology within the Christian East has challenged this assumption. Stimulated by the interface of science and faith, eastern theologians have reconsidered the role of nature and natural contemplation as a source of revelation. Inspired by late antique Christian reflections on nature, this paper will explore the application of this traditional Christian mindset to contemporary theological education.

Specifically, paradigms from contemporary quantum physics will be explicated and used as a basis for reflection on the nature of theology and theological education in a contemporary setting.


Teaching & Learning (D.3)