Australian College of Ministries, Sydney College of Divinity

Closing the Loop: The Next Phase of Leveraging Student feedback at ACOM

Presentation Abstract

Student feedback, also known as Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET), is essential to the pedagogical process and critical to the continuous improvement of the student experience at the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM). Over the last seven years, ACOM has addressed what we perceived as a need for more engagement with student feedback. The initial three-phase process (Stage 1) was presented and discussed at the 2021 Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) Learning & Teaching Conference, and since then, the process has undergone further development. This paper will briefly review the initial three-phase process, followed by an outline and discussion of the subsequent two phases (Stage 2). The first phase of Stage 2 focuses on increasing access to data and its analysis by all faculty and staff to increase ownership across ACOM. We are currently in the second phase of Stage 2, which will form the focus of this paper — closing the feedback loop. While knowing where improvements can be made across ACOM’s learning and teaching processes is valuable, this paper explores how we can ensure that improvements are followed through on, especially those that form part of longer-term curriculum planning.


Institutional Quality Assurance (D.5)