Adjunct Lecturer in New Testament

Reformed Theological College

LLB, MDiv, ThD

Dr Andrew Stewart grew up in Northern Ireland, where he studied Law at The Queen’s University of Belfast; and Theology at the Reformed Theological College, Belfast and the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh. Following ordination in 1990 he has served pastorates in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Australia. Since 1998 he has been Minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Geelong.

Since 2019 Andrew has served as Adjunct Lecturer in New Testament and Theology at the Reformed Theological College, Melbourne.

In August 2020 he was awarded a Doctor of Theology degree by the Australian College of Theology for a thesis entitled, “The Three Accounts of Paul’s Conversion in Acts 9, 22 and 26: A Study of Consistency and Creativity in Narrative Retelling.”

Andrew’s research interests are

·       The writings of Luke (Luke-Acts) and how Luke serves as a bridge between the ministry of Jesus as presented in the canonical Gospels and the ministry and letters of Paul.

·       The appropriation of the OT Scriptures in the NT. Specifically how certain sections of the OT (Deuteronomy, Samuel, Chronicles, Isaiah and Psalms) are appropriated by Luke and Paul.

·       New Testament biblical theology of guilt and conversion and how these shape pastoral ministry and a response to contemporary societal challenges.