Stirling Theological College, Sydney College of Divinity

Humble/d Theology: Humility as a Posture for Encouraging Theological Diversity in the Classroom

Presentation Abstract

The Christian tradition is multifaceted and diverse. It might be better to suggest that there is not a Christian tradition, but Christian traditions. Not only are these traditions theologically diverse, but the Church today is culturally diverse too. Theological education, therefore, takes place against the backdrop of theological and cultural diversity. Despite this, theological colleges can be dominated by one doctrinal and cultural voice, often resulting in indoctrination and ideological captivity. Theological educators might consider humility as a concept to frame theological discussion for first-year theology students as a way to resist these captivities opening up a generative and engaging space. Autoethnographically this paper explores the value pedagogically for framing theological exploration from a humble/d perspective. It describes the importance of affirming cultural and theological diversity, the validity of the students on theological position, as well as the inherent value in the idea of Christian traditions and its ability to resist indoctrination and ideological captivity.


Learning Environment (D.2)

Teaching & Learning (D.3)