The Conference program consists of

  • online schedule where you access a personalised program as if present face-to-face, including Q&A with presenters at the conclusion of their paper (Thursday, 30 September – Friday, 1 October 2021)
  • unlimited online access where you can watch all the conference papers anytime from anywhere (Saturday, 2 October – Sunday, 10 October 2021)

Conference Schedule | 30 Sept – 1 Oct

A scheduled program is available for the online conference from 30 September to 1 October 2021. Attendees will access a personalised program as if they were present face-to-face. Presentations will be around 20 minutes with presenters interacting at their conclusion with the audience for a time of Q&A. Plenary sessions will be live-streamed with live Q&A.

Conference Papers

The list of papers to be presented at the Conference Jesus: Beginning, Middle & End? Eschatology In Gospels & Acts Research. All the papers will be available on-demand, from 2 – 10 October 2021.

General Papers – Eschatology in Gospels & Acts Research

The Son of Man Problem and a Narratival Solution

The Eschatological Attack of Jerusalem by Non-Israelite Nations in Zechariah and the Death of Jesus

The ‘New Covenant’ Debate Revisited

Ethics and Eschatology in the Synoptic Tradition: A Response to N. T. Wright on Gospel Eschatology in His Gifford Lectures

Where is the Son of Man coming or going? Daniel 7’s place in Jesus’ eschatology